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Article: New Year's Resolution At Work

New Year's Resolution At Work

New Year's Resolution At Work

Making a resolution is a way to look forward to the new year with optimism that is active, rather than passive. It's a declaration of how you want the new year to be better and how you're going to do it. 

2022 has been a year of transition.  We are slowly transitioning to post-pandemic and the world, however, going back to its normal state, all the changes that 2022 brought kept us thinking and seeing life from a unique perspective. And as we enter 2023, we are full of hope that this year will bring positivity to all aspects of our lives including our careers. 

Here are 7 career goals for the new year that will make it your best work year ever.

  • Do three things to stay healthier at work.
  • One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions there is to stay healthy, and losing weight is one common goal. You spend a lot of time at work, so consider what you can do for your health while you're there. Try to do 3 simple ways to stay healthier at work. Prepare your own lunch. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get up and stretch every hour. Do it every day and you’ll find that those little things add up.

  • Learn new skills.
  • No matter what field you are in, there are hundreds of new skills you can learn that could benefit your career. We rewire our brain patterns when we decide to come out of our comfort zone to learn something new. So make sure you keep the learning spirit going.

  • Be Professional 
  • Value the time of others and yours by being more professional at your job. If you’re a person who comes in late to every meeting last year, this is the best time to break this habit.

  • Build your professional network
  •  Build a network and learn to collaborate to develop your skills and understanding of your craft. Look for one that is focused on your favorite part of your career and check out any conferences they hold. A good conference can help you expand your network significantly and boost your work energy for weeks. 

  • Clean out your email box
  • Organize your email files, sort those emails, and delete what doesn't need to be there anymore. You'll feel a little bit lighter every time you log in.

  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Multitasking is not always great. Focusing on a single task can yield more productivity. Make a to-do list, organize your work schedules, and focus one at a time to bring more clarity of thought and better results.

  • Reinvent yourself
  • It could be time to change your life seriously if you're not very happy, no matter what you do. You should reinvent yourself and take yourself to places that you could never have dreamt of.

    Now that you've made your New Year's work resolutions, it's time to put on your party hat and ring in the new year!

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